The Pottery I love lately...

 Well back to some home decor, shall we?

I am in need of some pretty planters and pots for my plants obviously, and I found some for sure. And very in love with them.

Sadly I did not found them locally, because all here is still closed down and nothing to buy or aquire at the moment. So I did look around online as one do in need for stuff, right?

I have this philosophy though, only buy online when nothing is available else where. Ann never buy from big corps. if can be sourced somewhere else.  Also if you can DIY it for less than do that. But well in this case I could not find these items anywhere else as from amazon and H&M.

I will not link these items here, just see for yourself, maybe they still do have those maybe not.

But well here we go. Pretty pottery!

These beautiful ladies are from amazon, and I do love the look of a plant comming out of these pots.

I wanted also some glazed pots as well and found these beauties

Aren`t thouse simply gorgeous? 
They come in a set of four and I want them all.
I love everything about them, the color, the different sizes and the shapes. 
So unique, I haven`t seen someting like this ever around.

The jug would be a nice addition to the collection as well, but  I think it is sold out already.
Tham they have these simple pretty terracotta pots as well and I love them so much but I think the glazed ones are enought for now.
Just showing you these here as well.

Love all the raw pottery with all this texture!

And than there were these as well!!! 
Those lines and curves are simply stunning!

So let me know which ones do you like more. 

I will show you how they look in person when they arrive here at my small and humble homestead ;)

Have a gorgeous Sunday evening sweet Luvs!