Indoor greenhouse and seed starts

 Hello sweet Luvs, finally I got all my gear together.

My indoor greenhouse, my grow light and heat mat as well...

Got my lovely tomato plants under the light and really happy. 

Me and the seedlings s well ;)

I will be seeding some pumpkins and courgettes as well.

Und my litte furry baby likes all new things that I bring into the house.
A little sniff and he was done with inspection.
Haha could not be bothered to look in detail.
. Cause his favorite napping spot was in full sunlight.
Well at least he got his priorities right on point.

I even utilized some old hooks I had laying around the hose. 
You never know when you will need something.

Here I have some flower seeds, different bell pepper, 
different varieties of tomatoes, leek and onion.
And all will be ready for pricking out next week.

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What are you growing on these days Sweet Luvs?

Stay sane and healthy, till next time.