Seed starting!!! First in 2021!!! Whoop whoop!!!

 Welcome back my sweet Luvs! Or should I say I am back?

Well it´s been a long time, right? And if I start every post this way it will be boring pretty fast around here.

Well I did spend a significant part of 2020 rearranging my life, as probably most of you have.  And it changed, oh boy! I did spend a lot of time in my garden,  I also read a ton of gardening books and watched the entirety of youtube on that topic, which I am not mad about at all.

 And the gardening season 2021 is almost upon us again.

At least my time to start seeds!!! And that is what I did today. Last year I converted my living room in a growing room, it was all neat and organizes till the little plants started to grow and needed more space and bigger pots, bigger pots do need more space to stand on as well, so I ditch my illusions that this year will be much different than last year, but for now it looks pretty clean. ;)

My first time growing sweet potato from the actual spud and trying out some ginger.
The other things I panted were peppers, aubergines, some flowers like tagetes and petunias.
Also some parsley, you can already see some basil and chives right in the left corner. 
Red beets I did start as well, just to try this variety, red cabbage and some salad mixes. Here are some of their packages.

As you can see I use many different pots and just things I have on hand, because no stores are open still and I refuse to shop online for things that can be easily replaced by household items.
like yoghurt cups for an instant or simply reuse what I have left from years before. I did invest in some sturdy plantig cells though. Because plastic tend to break over the years.

The storage of my seed packets is not all glam as well but it do and I find things easily. I provide me, my hubbs and my paretns with the garden produce, so the seed are rather on a smaller scale, And I think when you start saving your own seeds after one growing season the collection expands.

By the end of next week this table will be filled with seedlings and starters, and it is really exciting for me. This room gets the most sun during the day as well and will be the perfect nursery till the little ones can be planted out in May.
Next week I will also put some cold hardy salads in my outdoor beds as well and some other stuff. Which I will show you than in time.

Also here is my little helper! ;)

Snoring near the radiator and the mittens and hats drying from the snow we had the couple of days ago.
and today had lovely 17°C. I know this will not last and hold on for the month of march and we will get a new cold front for sure but I am hopefull that I can start gardening early this year.
Hope you all are doing well and leave me a comment if you like this kind of posts.

If ou do though, you can follow my garden/ homestead/ plant/ hiking journey on my page.

Enjoy the content and take good care of yourself sweet Lus!