Quarantine Life and Garden Update

Hello sweet Luvs, I hope you and your families and loved ones are doing well.
Here all are healthy and well.

Though this whole situation is a bit hard I think on all of us.
So what do you do to distract yourself and feel better?
I am gardening. 
Doing productive stuff and invest in the future.

Cause like my Granny used to say,  "Planting and seeing something grow is to live for the future!"
That is what I am doing for sure.
This year I decided to plant up a veggie patch, and than my plans got bigger, not only a patch but raised beds and some potatoes as well.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

So we had this little speck of lawn, which everybody hates to mawn, it is really close to the street and to sit there is kind of awkward as well, and we had some children`s toys and a swing up there. which was not in use at all.
And I dreamed about a little greenhouse but in the end we made it into something else. :)

As all the things you see on this Blog are DIY and on a budget, this project is as well.
And all started with some seed trays and salvaged wood :)

Than a plan and some measuring and of course some paint.

We build the stone bed as well and started to assemble the wooden parts.

Also filled everything with cardboard, wood chips and dirt we gathered around from friends and family and than laid down some landscape fabric and got us some nice gravel.
To keep the feet dry and looking tidy all together.

We got some flagstones and pavers from a friend who redid her garden as well and laid them down in the front portion of the little plot here.

And here you have it in it`s full glory, with pavers and gravel and little planting...

Got some herbs in and some carrots as well at this point.
Also a little bench to rest and enjoy the little garden space.

I wanted my space be functional as well as beautiful to look at. 
At least I tried and in my mind succeeded. 
Here you can see the more mature plants already.
I am so so happy about this space. I just can`t put it in words. :)

To have my own little harvest and enjoy the very very relaxing and meditative work :)

And now fast forward to yesterday, May 23rd. Here is my little garden which evolved in only 3 months.
And juyt keep in mind, you don`t have to have a big piece of land, small one just do it fine, also gras and lawn is totally overrated, get you some containers, seed and dirt and start your own Garden now! :)

Oh totally forgot about the potato patch, here we go.
On the back side of our house we have some more unused space as well. 
And just dug up some soil and made this! ;)

See them potatoes already growing?

Cheers to gardening, cheers to veggies and cheers to life!
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Stay sane and healthy my Luvs!