My new, old vintage Indian inspired cabinet/ sideboard;)

Hello sweet Luvs, well this name is a mouth full :)
But it is like in the title
I had this sideboard for years now,  and I love to upsicle a ton!
Nothing different here.
So the idea to change it came to me after eating in an indian restaurant.
all the vintage wall hangings there which were old doors and such inspired me to do this.
So here is the finished product and after that you can see the before.

Here it is in all it`s Christmas glory! ;)
I finished it in time.
This was mx color of choice

And the before, or the during of the project.
I did spend like 50€ on this piece at a thrift store.
With no hardware and pretty beaten up.
At first it had a light blue gray color, than a driftwood stain
and now it looks like this, a creamy sandy beige ;)

I removed pretty much all the paint and added those blue panels to it. 
Which I found at a small shop, to give it that Indian feel.

And than the process was pretty straight forward, as you can imagine, 
spackling and painting ;)

What do you think sweet Luvs?
You like my new revamped cabinet?

Happy new year to all of you! ;)


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