What is going on in my Art Studio?

Hello Lovelies, so I have been busy! 
Like crazy these days.

I am now a certified yoga teacher and teaching two classes right now.
Than working part time at an organic store and persuing a career in art. 
So I have three more exhibitions this year. And started #Inktober this month as well.
Thankfully there is not that much ging on im garden anymore you may think?!

Oh boy, well it for sure does.
I am building a fence, a nice one, we lived in this house almost 24 years and did not have one.
But my neighbors decided to remove their pretty hedge and now we need some privacy screening. So doing this also.

That is my little life update, right there.
Now you know what I am up to.
I will share all this progress when it is finished and all the steps in between as well.

But for now I  simply wanted to share what is going on in my art studio.
So I had an exhibition past week, which is open till November the 12th.
With more artists.
And the place where my art is currently at, picked my painting for the invitation.
I was of course thrilled about this!
And here is my lovely Dorothy in action and two other paintingsI did for #janframed in January.

Me trying my best to look professional and stuff! 😂

I really love how she turned out. And I did build a nice frame for her. 
Which compliments her very nicely.
So enough about me, there were so many more paintings than only mine.

Some more photos for you my Luvs.
Just enjoy! :)

If you like to follow my art more, here is the link to my Instagram @lydiapudel
There you can also see every finished piece of #Inktober2018.
Have a nice day sweet Luvs! :)

Lydia Pudel