Inktober part 1!

Hello my Luvs!
Inktober in full swing and I wanted to show you 
the little paintings that I`ve done so far.

I am following the prompt list of The Sketchbook Society on Instagram.
Please visit them and give them some love! 
Great artists!

Here is the list and after my 14 days of this October :)

Day 1/31. Gloomy.

A pretty lantern in a dark and gloomy alley...

Already sold this one.

Day 2/31. Mushrooms.

I always was a huuge Alice in Wonderland fan.
So this is pretty much the story in a jar, well kind of a bit at least. :)
Tha caterpillar smoking some mushrooms. 

Day 3/31. Myth.

I wanted to show what is a myth to me, like Friday the 13th, 
or black cats are bad luck and so on...

Day 4/31. Nocturnal.

Just a little black cat and a moth, that`s all. :)

Day 5/31. Ferns

Not much to see here either. Just some ferns and crystals.
But I love to draw these things so. Here they are.:)

Day 6/31. Twilight

You know when you search for twilight on the internet all you can find are those movies... ;)
So I hope my little bunny on the scull will change that.

Day7/31. Hunter

I thought about some traditional hunting paintings, with dogs and stuff, but than thought a bit different. Why not take something small like a hummingbird which hunted down a hawk?
And painted it.:)

Day 8/31. Pastoral.

When I think at this wordI always think of Moongates somewhere in Ireland and pretty girls sacrificing some furry animals... Don`t ask me why. 

Day 9/31. Zodiac.

Here I chose my own zodiac sign.Virgo. The link between earth and the cosmos.
And like it a lot.

Day 10/31. Spirit.

Here is the spirit of the forest. a pretty doe and her cat companion.
Yes I love cats and black ones in general.So will see some more this month. :)

Day 11/31. Unicorn

A bit too much? I don`t know.My nice love it though. 
Her last Unicorn. 
Maybe rhinos will be extinct soon and than it will be true, 
that they were the real unicorns. makes me sad, lets move on to day 12.

Day 12/31. Light vs Dark.

The priestess of light meet with the dark priestess.But don`t be fooled sweet Luvs!
There is no such thing as pure evil.There is always a bit of light in the darkness.
And in every good soul there is always a bit of dark...

Day 13/31. Prey.

Are those all Kitten eyes glooming in the dark? 
Or will this girl end up as prey pretty soon?

Day 14/31. Roots.

I am a huge fan of painting anatomical body parts. So this was a fun one.
I thought about the arteries and veins as rivers, and roots, like in this case.

So what do you think?
This are the 14 days of inctober so far.
And we are on day 19 today.So by the end of October on Halloween I will post a summary of the other 14 paintings.:)
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