What`s up in my studio?!

Hello Lovelies, this here is to all of you, who are interested in my paintings. ;)

A portrait of a dear friend of mine.
I had to pause on this one, because I have so much other stuff going on right now, but tomorrow I will work on this painting again, with fresh eyes and energy.
Here is the evolution of Dorothy...

She kind of got a bit too busty for Dorothy... So I had to change this ;)

The roses on the shirt were a bit too much, too bright... 
and the background was missing something too...

So changed that, and now I am working on her hands and hair.
She will get a lot of flowers in her crown, some butterflies around her and some jewelry and tattoos as well. And pretty white blonde locks.

This is how far I got till now, so stay tuned for more progress photos. If you like to see some progress snippets on the way, you can follow me on Instagram as well. 
Or simply check out the Instagram sidebar on the right side of the screen. :)
Have a good night and sleep tight my Luvs!