Painting for a upcoming exhibition in November!

Hello Lovelies
I am really busy at the moment.
I am in a revamping process in my studio. 
I have the feeling that I really never will be done with this space! 
And I am literally drowning in work, 
So much paintings to finish for my upcoming exhibition! 
I am currently working simultaneously on three pieces.
But it is all so much fun though! ;) 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook 
you may have seen some snippets of my finished pieces.
I intended my paintings to be much more realistic this time, 
so I am putting as much effort and detail as possible in to them.
For the exhibition I am having in October I chose the more modern and fluid paintings. 
But for the November one I am going full in my other style, the whimsical and detailed paintings.

Enough rambling... 
Here is "The Hunter`s Herat"
Acrylic on heavy cardboard, sealed and framed.

What do you think?
Too much? Too scary? ;)
It is my first anatomical piece, but not the last one I think... :)
It will tie in perfectly with the other stuff I painted.

Love to read your thoughts on this my Luvs!

And a quick video of the painting in process.

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