A new painted rug!

Hello Lovelies, 
do you know for what my little blog is famous for?

I loved these weathered, bleached, over dyed moroccan rugs for a while now.

Here are some of the inspirations I saved back than.
(Sorry haven`t saved where they were from;()

But every one I fell in love is too expensive and made out of wool of course.
And there will be no more dead animal in my home...
Sooo, I had to tackle this in a DIY myself! ;)

And this time I painted a Drägor rug from IKEA.
It costs 29,99€ and has the same measurements as the previous one,
 165x230cm or 5,5x7,7inches.
It is made from Polypropylene a type of plastic.
And here is how it looked before.

My supplies were some stencils, light grey, dark grey and a creamy white wall paints.
All the paints I use in my home too.
So nothing fancy, everything I had on hand right here in my home.
And of course some brushes.
Two thicker ones for stenciling and a thinner finer one for tiny lines.
A measuring tape, pencil and some frog tape (didn`t really use it though, but maybe you will, when you come up with a different design)

At first I painted the whole rug with a light grey color.

I let it dry for a day or so.
It dried very quick.
Than I measured out where I wanted my design to be and simply started stenciling. 
And figured out the design as I go...

And here is how it looked half way through,

After the stenciled paint dried I started to distress the whole thing.
Slapped some light grey paint on it. 
White paint too, rubbed the wet stenciled paint around and this is what came out of my project.

My own cruelty free, moroccan rug!

And I love it!

This rug is ment for my bed room, for the reading nook.
And it fit`s there perfectly.;)
I will show you some photos of the finished bed room soon! ;)

But for now, just look at the rug in the reading nook...

What do you think? 
Do you like em?
Would you tackle such a DIY yourself?

Please comment and share! ;)

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  1. Wow Lydia...that is fantastic. I am so very impressed and not sure I could tackle it, but would love to give it a try. You have inspired me!
    Thanks, Lynn

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn! ;)
      I am happy that my post has some inspirational qualities XD!
      Thanks again!
      Much love!

  2. It's really beautiful, and I would definitely give it a try. I'm not trying to be mean, or a knoww-it-all, but I have to point out something about the statement you made on the wool. . .it doesn't require killing an animal to get it's wool, and actually, sheep and alpacas benefit from being sheared. Just thought you might want to know.

    1. Thank you for the love! ;)
      You definitely should try that! ;)
      It is all right, I am not offended, no worries.

      But these animals are cultured by humans, that means for meat and other body secretions and their wool.
      That is not ours to take. And some are bred to produce more wool as they would naturally do in nature. And the techniques how they get shaved are mostly horrible, with cuts which are sometimes fatal and causes horrible injuries and death...
      I know what I am talking about, seen that, been there...
      I grew up on a huge factory farm, my family was in wool and down feather production...
      And our farm was more of the "humane" ones!
      It is totally disgusting what people do when big money is involved...
      Nasty and unnecessary!

      Sorry, I don`t want to sound to preachy or something, but that is the truth.


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