Patio renovation! Or how to bring home, some beachy feeling...:) Part 4! - Just a quickie;)

Hello Lovelies!
How are you?
So here is my clean, 
bright newly renovated and painted patio/ sunroom! ;)
Here we go!

I want to sew a little curtain in a striped pattern 
to close up the cat toilet, for more privacy;)
See how the scratch pole fits perfectly on the platform?
My kitties love it!

Here it is now!
Perfectly cleaned, like I said.
And all of this stuff has to move in!

What do we have here?
Pillows, blankets, a bird, rugs (which are probably not going on the patio), more pillows, reclaimed chairs, candles, candle holders, glass bottles, plants, trays, curtains more blankets and pillows...
Oh so many pretty stuff here.
Stay tuned for the reveal, this will be thrilling!;)

I don`t want these rugs above, because , (as so many of you asked what I have or have not done with the old rug I had) I leave the old one there.
I have this rug which is old, really old, dirty and filthy and absolutely not the color I like but have a nice pattern.
At first I wanted to bleach it and paint another color.
But I don`t have time, the experience or the money to do this.
So I simply washed it with an pressure washer and put it back.

It is clearly clean now, but I don`t like the color at all.
Than it hits me!
I just flipped them over and voila! 
I have the bleached and worn out look I was going for!
Like it so so much!
And it fit`s perfectly into the color scheme!

See? So much better now, no more dark brown here. ;)

Like you saw in  this post here I`ve had an idea for a new coffee table for this space.
We simply took an old cable drum, like this one

mounted some wheel underneath, 
and a bigger wooden board on the top and the new coffee table was born!

And my father couldn`t resist to mount some wooden trinkets on it;/
But it looks nice...

He said, ha had something like this in mind...

Now I need to sad and paint it.

I thought something with a creme white top and some light grey bottom.
Let`s see how this will turn out!
So stay tuned for the full review!

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