The evolution of a door...

Hello Lovelies, how`s your weekend looks like?
Oh mine is pretty busy.
I added some finishing touches to the client`s kitchen.
Just needed some trim on the walls.
And soon you will see the pretty photos I made after;)

And I finally found some storage for my finished paintings and blank canvases.
So when I sell them I can go and grab the piece and they don`t overcrowd my studio!
It feels so airy and really empty;)
I did so many projects that I will show you guys!
But haven`t found time yet!
Sorry for that!

Back to this post;)
My front door, has seen many colors....XD
Let`s start at the beginning in 2010, where we decided to build our new living room.
We bought the cheapest door, we could find.
And regret it ever since. It was not pretty at all.
But we didn`t want to buy a new one.
Here it is before.

Just plain white and functional plastic door.
With a little window in the middle.

So I decided to change that and painted it black in 2012
And added a wood plank over the glass window on both sides.

There on the left you can still see the light peeking through the paint.

What can I say? It was too black;)
So I changed my mind and picked a light turquoise color in 2014.

And added some wood panels on to the door.
And now it hasn`t this plastic feel. I think it changed the door completely!

But after a week or so it started to fade, 
until it reminded me of the white door from the beginning.
didn`t liked it at all!

So I changed my mind again.
And picked a rich, dark emerald bluish kind of  color.

Added the painted door knob and a brass lion head knocker.

I like how the color changes during the day.
Depends on the light outside;)
Here is the door on the inside. I decided to leave it black, painted the handle black too and 
added a coat rack.
Love it!;)

And here it is it from the outside again;)

I am very happy with the results!
What do you think?
Like it a s much as I do?

Liked to;

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