I know Christmas is over, but...

Hello Lovelies, 
I know Christmas is over, but I am still kind of in that spirit...
Maybe it is because we finally had snow and all looks so pretty, 
and the tree is still up, so, you may have to deal with some Christmas photos for a while...
Maybe till the 15th  of January ;)

Here is a little Santa painting I made as decoration for the buffet.

Cute, right?

And here are just some inspirational photos from around the web, maybe for the next Christmas?

A pretty table with some logs.

Simple but beautiful;)

Love the wreath!

This one is great too, just use clay to make these.

Or make these out of clay too!

If you like the painting, come and check out my ETSY shop 
and maybe you`ll find something more...
I wish you all a pretty start for 2015!
May the new year bring you everything you wish for!
Love & hugs