8 Ingenious Ideas for Kitchen Storage!

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8 Ingenious Ideas for Kitchen Storage
By Jane Blanchard

Whether your idea of cooking is “A Man, a Can, a Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time” or “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” everyone deserves a kitchen properly pigeonholed and smartly straightened. As my dear grandmother used to say, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

In-Counter Knife Slots

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

Always accessible, easily cleaned, space saving – what’s not to love about in-counter knife storage? A set can be expanded by drilling new slots or shrunk by spackling and painting the countertop. This technique works best on wooden countertops. Attempts on granite will be laughable.

CLEVER ALTERNATIVE: Mount two magnetic bars on the backsplash as another utensil holder.

Slide-Out Pantry Shelf

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

Most canned and jarred items – tuna fish, peanut butter, seasonings, baking goods – fit inside a 3.5-inch shelf. A slide-out shelf of that size can fit between the refrigerator and wall!

INGENIOUS ALTERNATIVE: Store spices and seasonings in a repurposed shower rack.

Utensil Drawer

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

Utensils, string and teenagers are all the same: They can’t help but get tangled together. Small cubbies keep forks and spoons from making sporks and otherwise creating clutter.

Pot and Pan Hooks

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

Clank. Clankety-clank. No one likes mining the lower kitchen drawers for pots and pans. Why not string them up? Pot hooks can be installed over an island, like a chandelier, or inside a large drawer. Lid racks can be placed anywhere an open wall presents itself.

WORTHWHILE OPTION: Pots can be hung on hooks like Russian nesting dolls, similar to clothes on hangers, further saving space.

Sliding Cutting Board

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

A popular storage solution in Tiny Homes, guest houses and hunting cabins, integrating a sink and cutting board protects valuable counter space. Plus, there’s hardly any mess to clean up afterwards.

SMART SINK SOLUTION: Install a strong dowel rod underneath the kitchen sink to hang cleaning spray bottles on.

Built-In Drying Rack

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

Most dish drying racks are uglier than sin. A built-in drying rack, be it stained wood or stainless steel, preserves the aesthetics of a well-done kitchen.

Cabinet Food Storage

SOURCE: Zillow Digs

In many kitchens, potatoes are homeless. Give potatoes, onions and other unrefrigerated vegetables their own dark, cool place, which prevents light degradation and captures odors.

FOOD TIP: Store flour in sealed containers to prevent oxidation and moisture loss.

Wine Wall of Fame

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Not everyone can donate the basement as a wine cellar. The wine Wall of Fame will do just as well. A polished rack can be built in an afternoon and installed anywhere, even in a narrow entryway.

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