How`s your weekend looks like?

Hello my Lovelies, 
how you`re doing?
How`s your weekend looks like?

Oh my, I got the flu!
Still feeling sick, but have to work tough...
So I have a new/old client!
You may remember, I did their living room, 
a couple years ago.
And now they asked my advise on some new floor, 
for the whole first floor.

And this is our choice, 
I think this will look fabulous when it`s done!

And here we have the future kitchen.

Storing the furniture from the living room...

And I finally got my great architecture drawers cabinet.;)
So I had to rearrange my studio again!

It would not be like this for long, 
because I am getting rid of the old billiard table, 
which I am using as my painting table.

So if anyone need one,
 please just write me an email and we sure can find a date, 
when you can come and get it;)

This is how it looks without the stuff in it...
Holy mess!

Nice right?

So the cabinet to the left and my drawing desk to the right.

It is not ideal but I am okay with it for now.
Now I need to go back and paint;)

Love and hugs



  1. WOw, Du bist aber sehr beschäftigt. So viel zu tun. Ich bin auch krank im Moment. Hoffentlich geht es Dir schon besser ;)


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