My best Posts of 2013!!!

Hello Lovelies, 
here we are again, recap of 2013!
I think this year is gone amazingly fast! Don`t you?
So what have I accomplished this year?
I was quite a bit.
Many DIY posts, many art of course, and some projects I haven`t finished yet
and promised to blog about them when they are done.
Like my finished kitchen, my new reading nook, my revamped living room, 
my finally finished studio space!

I think, I will share these projects in 2014 with you!;)

So on to the posts of 2013!
Just click the post name, to get to the post!
Now on to my personal fave`s this year!


DIY fake driftwood panel star!

This month happened something really amazing!
My little blog, my painted rug was published in a magazine!;)

Mein DIY Teppich in der COUCH! My rug in COUCH mag!


My IKEA rug on IKEA Facebook:)

The funny thing is, some of you pointed out, that their STOCKHOLM rug looks exactly
like mine! Because they came out with them in May I think.
See yourself...:)

Does it? Not quite, right? If you like em, you can get them in yellow too, for 179€.
Besides, I think I should visit them, they have now really good stuff...;)



This month I finished my floor in the kitchen and in my Hall of shame;)

Can you guess what I was doing?;) Just a quick one...



Some of my paintings are still there.


My finished studio, only the half captured in this post.

Such a difference to what it looked like before!


This was really fun!!!


Peace sign or DIY vs. Pottery Barn!

Thank you so much for reading my little Blog!
Thank you for your comments, mails, likes on my FB page
and your support!
I love to hear from you in 2014 too!
There is so much more to come!
New paintings and some amazing DIY posts!


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  1. Congratulations! You've been featured on Wicked Awesome Wednesday! The ottoman as a housewarming gift is perfect! Feel free to drop by the website to pick up your "I've been Featured!" button!


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