Christmas Market and Flea Market finds.

Hello Lovelies!
How time flies! Christmas isn`t far away now!
Only 6 weeks left!
For me this is a little unreal.

Are you in christmas cheer already?
Have you started to decorate?
Need some ideas?

Look here;)
I was a a nice Christmas Market this week.
In a small town near by.
I wanted to take everything home with me.
Really. Everything! Love the glitz;)

See this wire Christmas tree?
The spiral hanging from the ceiling, with the glass ornaments?
This thing costs about 60 bucks!
Can you believe that?
I think I made this one myself;)
Kinda like this look...

Some pretty white ornaments.

Some cute deers.
Let me think of an carrousel.

This display was my favorite!

Nice right? 
After we looked at every detail and touched every twig we had some tea and cake;)
Can`t imagine to have such a day without some tea and sweets;)

Now to the flea market finds.
This is how my cabinet looks right now.
Painted in creamy white, with gold leafed legs.

And the doors and drawers with new handles.

This would be great looking in my bedroom;)
Speaking of my bedroom.
Look what I found this friday at a flea market.
An old ladder.
Planning to cut it a little and use it like an library ladder.

Cool right?
Don`t sure about painting it white or leave it like that?
Like this shabby worn out look...

Her`s an other find.
A fake brass light. have the perfect lampshade for them;)

I will spray paint this one for sure.

And last here is my painted gold wooden plate.
From blah gold to black shimmery diamond gloss!

Look at it! Look at it!!!;))

Can you see the glossy sparkle?

That`s for today my Luvs.
Nice start to the next week!
Pudel - design


  1. Oh, the ladder! <3
    Please leave it as it is… It's wonderful! :)

    Someday I will also have an old ladder, it's already planned… ;)

    A nice week to you, too!
    Love, Midsommarflicka

  2. Liebe Lydia,

    lieben Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar, ich habe mich sehr gefreut!
    Bin schon auf deine Lampe gespannt :-)

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  3. Habe endlich wieder einen Computer!
    Ich vermisse Deutsches Weihnachten so sehr. Zeig mehr bitte ;)
    Love the ladder!


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