Update on - I have chosen my paint colors! Am I crazy for doing this?!

Hello Lovelies, this is how far I came today, 
until my dad surprises me, to help me with the lighting!
He`s so cute;)
And than I have to help him helping me;)
So I have to finish the walls tomorrow because we have to finish the
installation tonight.

See the beam above the cabinets?
This is how we started;)
I will show you hopefully the whole thing tomorrow.

So what you`re thoughts, don`t know if I like the bricks, 
my hubby loves them, I`m not sure yet.
Maybe because I was staring at them the whole day!;)
Okay my Luvs, delivery service is here, with some nice Italian food, 
have to go and eat and than help to get finished.

Pudel - design


  1. Well, to be honest- I'm not sure either. I think it's because of the wallpaper which was very popular in the 80's in Poland

    but I'm absolutely sure that when it'll be completely done it will look amazing. Good luck;-))


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