I have chosen my paint colors! Am I crazy for doing this?!

Hello Lovelies, 
I think I was the first person at our hardware store this morning;)
These are my paint colors now.

The white for the walls and the darker tone for the cabinets.
Diamond white has a slight grey tone, looks pretty on the walls.

After all supplies were home I put the shelves to the wall.
I used a threaded rod to secure one side of the shelf 
and simple screwed the other side to the wall or the cabinets.

Now I`m done with painting.
Wanna see how this looks like?

I know, doesn`t look ready!
That`s because I thought the whole night about the 
brick stone backsplash!
I can`t get this pic out of my head;)

I think this would look lovely against the grey cabinets, 
like it does here, but I don`t want spend money on that too...
So I thought I may paint them on and than simply seal it
with laquer.
I found this brick pattern...

and thought to give it a try.
I think I`ll skip IKEA today and paint my walls instead...

I thought I use my acrylic paint for this.

This is how far I am right now, keep the fingers crossed for me that I made it through the day;)
I`m not even half way ready and already fed up;) 

So wish me luck, my break is over;)

Pudel - design


  1. I love the idea of painting cabinets! I think I have exactly the same type ( Ikea's STAT?) but with yellow walls and cappucino/beige tiles in the backsplash which I find boring ( and they really don't go with the yellows - I think I was blind when I had bought them). I'm really impressed of what you are doing ;-)

  2. I love these shelves under the cabinets, they look really great! I would have liked two-tone-cabinets in dark and light grey, but maybe that would have been too much in a smaller kitchen - anyway grey's a great color for cabinets!
    I'm curious how your kitchen will look in the end!

    Love, Midsommarflicka


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