What`s the deal with the costumes? Part two...

Hello Lovelies, today I want to show you mine and hubby`s 
New year`s eve costumes.
My friend had this big movie star party theme going on.
There were some disney princesses, action heroes, 
some anime attendees and fairytale residents:)
I wanted to go to this party so badly, but has no idea who I want to portray...

Than my hubby ment he want to go as Bane...
I thought this is lame, I think every guy in this town was Bane at Halloween
and than would be at carnival.
Have anyone ever been at a german carnival?
Oh my, if not, you have to go!!!

But at the second thought, why not, so I coud match him and be
Poison Ivy;)
Perfect couples costume.
And a big big DIY!

So we celebrated among other crazy people and it was a blast!

You wanna know how we looked like, and how I made it?
If yes, please read till the end, 
or just look at the pics;)

Here we go, what I used for the bane costume!

I bought the mask, the coat.
We used a old paintball vest and some paintball trousers 
and some old army boots to complete the look.
I havent made the exact vest, but it was pretty nice thought;)

So on to the vest!
Some are a bit blurry, but I promise you get the idea;)

I bought five white belts for 4,90€ and painted them with this colors.
To get this military green.

After that I applied a silvery jeans fabric to the vest, 
to get the octagon shape in the middle of the vest.

Of course I painted the octagon with the colors too.
Than simply cut the belts to the desire length to create the look.
Used the buckle`s too.
Than simple glued everything in place with my good old glue gun;)

And here is the finished vest!
Not the same look from the movie, but it worked very well;)

And the whole costume!

And the two of us;)

So how you like it?
If you wanna know how I made mine, 
just click below:)

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