What`s the deal with the costumes? Part one...

Hello Lovelies, today I want to show you mine and hubby`s 
New year`s eve costumes.
My friend had this big movie star party theme going on.
There were some disney princesses, action heroes, 
some anime attendees and fairytale residents:)
I wanted to go to this party so badly, but has no idea who I want to portray...

Than my hubby ment he want to go as Bane...
I thought this is lame, I think every guy in this town was Bane at Halloween
and than would be at carnival.
Have anyone ever been at a german carnival?
Oh my, if not, you have to go!!!

But at the second thought, why not, so I coud match him and be
Poison Ivy;)
Perfect couples costume.
And a big big DIY!

So we celebrated among other crazy people and it was a blast!

You wanna know how we looked like, and how I made it?
If yes, please read till the end, 
or just look at the pics;)

Here we go!
What I used:
Tons and tons of green and gold glitter, and by saying tons, 
I mean tons!
I think the whole house, is glittering in may green shades...
A red wig (obviously)
a green dress, 
a super hero belt, (which I covered with some green fabric.
Some tights which I covered with green glitter.
A pair of gloves, and again glitter.
Green heels,
some ivy leaves, which I covered with glitter too...
You see really much glitter around here.

Okay and here are the pics!
Some are a bit blurry, but I promise you get the idea;)

Without glitter...
...and with, so much better;)

This one I used plus some mod podge.

I glittered so about 40 leaves and then stitched the big ones to my dress 
and kept some small ones for my eyebrows;)

Like this.

This was the dress and now to the gloves and tights.
Just took some tights in my skin color, sprayed them with some spray glue for fotos.
And than simply strayed green and gold glitter over them.

Same technique a s the leaves, glitter plus mod podge.

Na the tights...

So and now we`re ready for the make up and the eyebrows!
I used some small leaves a s I told before,
 just cut them in the shape of my eyebrows 
and glued them to my face with some and some mastix spirit gum. 
This is a glue which is used to glue on some stuff to your skin;)
It is also really easy to remove, so don`t worry to try it.
You want have stripped down all your eyebrows;)

Are you prepared for the whole look?
Don`t be scared;)


So this is it.
What do you think about my DIY?
Like the costume?

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