Need some change...

Hello Lovelies, 
I don`t know what`s about you, but every time
when the holidays are over, 
the Christmas decoration is back in it`s boxes.
I`m in desperate need of color!
Not sparkly and shine, 
just some pastels, 
some whites and greens, 
some blues and blushy pnks...

Outside it`s still snowing, the snow we missed in December.
We got now TONS!!! outside;)

Don`t get me wrong I LOVE winter, I do, but I need some color!
I think I just miss the Sea.
So as everyone knows, by following my blog I love the Sea
and everything Beachy. 
This year it`s no change about that.
So I have to bring my beach back to my home.
With some pastel blue and creamy beige.

Here are some pics from my living room...

Just shopped some new accessoires and mixed them up with my old stuff.
This feels so much better now.
Love the blue, chevron and the driftwood...:)
Like I look at my paddle, I think there`s a new DIY knocking on my door, 
stay tuned for that;)

So what do you think?

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