My dream studio...

Hello Lovelies, 
I think many of you have beautiful work spaces!
I am dreaming of one too;)

My own perfect little studio, 
where I can put my paintings in, 
my paint and just be creative!

I searched a lot for an appropriate beautiful space.
Many of them were too far away, 
others too small and the rent is hilariously high!
Sadly haven`t found the perfect studio for me;(

The reality is looking like I am painting and drawing in my
living room, my bed room, 
all over my home, it is a little scary;)
I can`t have guests or friends to come over 
until all is cleaned up!
 It looks terrible for other people, 
canvases everywhere, paper, brushes, paint...
I think all of you know what I am talking about.

So as the search goes on, 
I can dream a little on my blog!
This is how I want it to look like;)

All of these spaces are really different but so inspiring.

I want this wall color, striped walls in grey and white.

Need some of these for storage,

This fabric for my chairs and pin board.

One huge desk for my paintings and drawings.

And I fell in love with these vintage shaped sofas!
For my clients and friends to chat and drink some coffee or something...
So pretty;)

I know when I put it all together 
it will be a perfect and inspiring space for me;)
Just have to be patient and hunt for a space... 

Pudel - design