Flea market Finds Friday...

Hello Lovelies, 
it`s been a long time since my last FFF post!
But this time I got reel good finds;)
Wanna see them?

I only paid 15bugs for this wicker basket,
 the two little bottles, 
the pretty jar and the wire basket;)
That was a steal!

Oh and I`ve got a nice striped rug for the barn only for 5€!

I think I will dye the basket white.

The cute wire basket and the two little bottles.
I think I will paint them too look like sea glass, 
for the barn.

And this pretty, pretty jar!

Pretty right?
And here is the rug for the barn and some
DIY painted bottles and some 
DIY wall art!

We will place a wicker chair 
underneath the framed sea stars.

Nice right?
This project is getting closer and closer to the end.
The only thing what is missing are the little
dining table & chairs for the inside, 
I`m still working on.
Some nice striped curtains to hide the shelves
and match the rug.

And I got a real huge vintage map,
 don`t know what my clients think about that.
I wanted to place it behind the dining table.

As I wrote this post, the chairs for the porch arrived;)
Love them!

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