Some Jelly`s

Hello Lovelies, 
look what arrived today;)
You remember this one here?
My Jelly painting?! 

It`s called Jelly Two.

I am selling the prints.
 The prints I`ve got the last time from my print shop,
were pretty bad, not the best quality.

So I went there again and now these here look amazing;)

This is the original,

And these are the prints, the same one, 
with a little beige border around it, 
in 60x80 cm.

Jelly Two

Ant this one is Jelly One;)
it has the size of 40x60 cm.

Because speaking of Jelly`s
I`ve got a custom order.

A Jellyfish Field;)
That are three canvases with the size of 40x40cm and 30x30cm.

You can hang them together or separate the big one

or just the two of them...

What do sou think?
How you like them?

Pudel - design


  1. those are awesome! i think they are so cool and i love the colors you chose to use!


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