Business trip to Düsseldorf

Hello Lovelies,
so I`m  finally back in town again and on my computer.
I was on a business trip to Düsseldorf.
It is a great city, especially famous for it`s shopping mile.
I sadly haven`t seen anything of this city except the rail station, 
the meeting rooms and a cute,
little italian restaurant by night.

But I have photos from the hotel room;)
Wanna see?
Okay, let`s look...
Loved the design and the colors...

See this floral ornament?
It was on everything, the curtains. the lobby, the pillows and even on the carpet!
I think I need some turquoise accents around here;)

My tv, and the bathroom...

It was nice, learned so much!
Sadly I wasn`t here on Valentines, so happy
 Valentines to all of you!!!
And these, I got me for that occasion;)

Cute little pencils from this Etsy shop!

Thank you Yvy! They are gorgeous!

Here they are on my desk, 
ready to be used;)

I hope I can reveal my new workspace soon;))
Stay tuned for that!

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