I was pointed out that some of my paintings look similar to other artists work!

I was pointed out that some of my paintings look similar to other artists work!

I am so sorry to caused any harm, it wasn`t my intention!
I havent stole these feathers or the nest.
If I had known that these paintings already exist on Etsy I would have never set them on sale!
I immediately apologised to the sellers and removed the silmilar looking paintings from all of my platforms and my blog!
It may took to 24 hours until they finally gone.
These paintings weren`t a template for my art!!!
I haven`t earn any money on them and I don`t want any cent when I would hurt any other artist.
Because I know how hard it is to to live just from selling art!
You have to have the dedication and the strength to live an artist life.
The painting from my cute little cat should be copied as well, and that is really sad that you think I am a thief!
All of you have the right to be mad and the right of your own opinion, but
as I sad, I am sorry and I removed these similar looking paintings and destroyed them!
And I will check the remaining paintings if there are any other similarities to any other paintings.

 Lydia Pudel


  1. oh i am so sorry you had to deal with it! i know it was a coincidence so on't let yourself get bullied either!

  2. no way lydia...your work is special and I truly believe you are an honest artist with much integrity.

  3. Thank you ladies, but these people are no bullies, and as I said everyone has the right on their own opinion!


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