The Raven...

Hello Lovelies!
I recognized, that this year besides my wreath 
nothing is looking like Halloween around here!

Time to change this;)

Here in Germany this holiday isn`t so popular but I like em anyways.
The costumes and the partys.
Like this a lot!

I thought of a more subtile decoration, with some candles, wreaths and 
of course paintings and prints!
Immediately thought bout The Raven.

I think everyone of you does no the poem of Edgar Allan Poe -The Raven.
It is one of my favorites.
So scary and spooky;)
happy reading.

And by this inspiration I made this...

A custom print of the last verse of this great poem:)

How do you like this?
If you do, just visit my 

Please don`t forget to enter the 
Today`s the last day!

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  1. I love that print! The Raven is one of my favorites; Poe is one of my favorite writers too. For Halloween, I'm dressing as the "bust of Pallas" from the poem :)


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