How`s your weekend looks like?

Hello Lovelies, 
what have you`ve been up to these three days of the weekend?

Here are my DIY projects;)

At first I painted my dresser for the living room, again;)
This poor thing have seen many many coats of different paint lately.

But I had this driftwood Milk Paint leftovers 
from these projects that I had to use for it;)
And this is how it looks like, not really finished.
I will show you the before and the after pics later this week.

Than a little cute gold safari...
For a very special and cute project coming up this week.

And last but not least. This unfinished painting, 
I started an underwater series, with many jelly fishes and whales and 
octopuses <-- is this even a word?;)

Stay tuned fot that.
It is a lot of fun!
And many of these items are of course for sale;)
It would be a busy and fun week!

So my Luvs, I`m off to get in my pajamas ;)

Have a nice start to the next week;)

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