Doggie and Kitty language;)

This has nothing to do with the blog`s topic, but so cute;)
I do love Boston & French Terriers!
So fun and curious dogs, but two years ago
we decided to have two cute little kitty`s.
Sadly no room for dogs around here;)
This one I can hang on the wall without being afraid to antagonize my cats;) 

I searched the web to find something cute with cats, 
but everything I found was this here.
Not so cute and pretty lite the one with Boogie but
sums it up pretty well.

If anyone find something cute, please let me know;)

And now you can read this Kitty`s language, 
what coud this tell us?!

Could it be something like this?

"Hey, you! 
Get off with your stupid camera and let me sleep!"
"Did you see this? Come on and build me an other sofa which fits my needs!!!"

I think my cute little kitty ins`t so little anymore and need a bigger bed!
What do you think;)

PS; It is not the only sleeping place they have 
but they love it and every time I put it away they want it back.

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  1. Yeah, it is really too small...LOL. Maybe they are trying to show you it is too small when they lie full length. LOL! Love this post! Hugs!


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