Some Blog changes.. .and a question to all of you who is reading this!

If you ask yourself where all the PARTY buttons gone,
no I didn`t delete them.

They just moved here...

And the same happend to my FEATURED buttons...

Just some blog changes I try...
(because my blog doesn`t load quickly enough...:)

And I have a biiiig question to all of YOU my readers,
"Should I write my posts in English?!"

Or is my English too bad
and I should stick to German and all of you
have to use the Google translator?

Leave me a comment about that;)
Thank you guys for listening, ähhm reading;)

Pudel - design


  1. Pudel, meine Liebe! Du weisst schon, dass Ich Deustch verstehe. Trotzdem gibt es viele Leute, die dein Blog lesen möchtete und nicht kann, weil sie nix beim Deutschlesen verstehen. Meiner Meinung solltest du es auf English schreiben. Du hast ein wunderbares Blog und you deserve viel mehr Leser!!!

  2. I love reading your posts and in English is good but if you prefer to write in German, the google translator is a great tool. Sometimes it translates a little differently but I can still understand (and sometimes get a giggle) out of the way it reads. :)


  3. Lydia, I love your English and comparing it to the German - it keeps my hand in and gives you practice! I just returned to U.S. after 10 years in Germany. I met with my decorator and told her I wanted Stonington gray walls, wood varnish around the trims to look like light stained wood, and I want the painter to give the walls a faux treatment so that they look like stone or those thick uneven plaster ones in Bavaria - you don't happen to have a picture so I can show him exactly what I'm talking about? (I'm so excited! I have an old Victorian sofa and I just covered it in navy stripe ticking. It KICKS!) Love the blog. My e-mail is if you find one!


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