New painting - Please meet Brian or the Yellow Chevron Pattern...

Hello Lovelies, 
I just wanted to show you my latest painting!
Please meet Brian or The Yellow Chevron Pattern!
I thought a little bit of spring in my paintings would be lovely, isn`t it?!;)


So meine Lieben, hier mal wieder ein Werk von mir.
Das ist Brian mit einem sonnengelben Zick-zack Muster.
Schön Frühlingshaft, oder?

Brian - (Akryl auf Leinwand - 60x80cm)

I hope you like it.
You can find my other paintings right here

Pudel - design


  1. Ahhh, so beautiful and cool!! I wrote a comment on the gallery page, was drooling over Harriet, my favorite... just to find out that you gave her away in a give-away. I can't sleep now :(

    I have a dining room with a Flower Pot lamp in bright yellow, and a collection of Cathrineholm, also in bright yellow - I so would love to have a painting from you with some yellow in there!!

  2. Love this! You are way talented!!!
    You have been featured on the Glitter Blog this week!!!!

  3. Amazing! I just took a peek at your other paintings... love them all! I look forward to seeing more, so had to become a follower!


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