DIY lamp from a tree stump...

Hello Lovelies;)
Yesterday I showed you this photo.

I´ve made even more;)

And than it hits me...
Why not make a lamp from a tree stump?
I had this old inexpensive lamp fixture from IKEA.

Than came the tough part, to pick the perfect tree stump...
Finally I´ve found this one

I sanded them a little bit to get the rough parts nice and smooth and 
gave them a coat of clear paint.
Than drilled a hole through the whole stump and added the light fixture to them.

Here you can see the drilled hole.
Add a bulb and your lamp is ready;)

Sadly I don`t have the perfect lampshade yet.
But it looks kinda cool, so earthy and rough;)
I thought about one of these also from IKEA.

What do you think?

I think I made one more and than place them in my bedroom
on the nightstands;)

Do you like my new lamp?;)

Pudel - design


  1. I LOOOOOOVVVE it!!! What an awesome idea! Can't wait to see it finished!! So cool, you are sooo clever!!

    So sorry I haven't replied earlier about the art thing, I have been sooo busy...could you mail me, so we could discuss it?? I'd love to have your wonderful art on my wall!!

    Have a GREAT evening,

    hugs from Ingrid :))

  2. Sehr schön Lydia! Eine sehr guite idee - ich habe so ein stick holz hier...! Frohe Ostern!

  3. Get outta town! What a fantastic idea. Love it.

  4. Amazing! I love the earthy and rough look of the stump.

  5. So creative! We have lots of wood leftover from our stock of fireplace wood and have been thinking of new ways to use it up. We are making a bench right now...but this lamp is super creative!

    Am a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back at

    Turning a House into a Home

  6. Oh I love this! We tried to make a lamp out of a vase this weekend and we were almost finished drilling the whole and the vase cracked! ugh! This may be a better idea~

  7. So cute!!! I love anything made out of a good tree stump! :)

  8. Das ist ja eine ganz nette Idee!
    I really love it, thank you for sharing.

  9. Danke, dass Du das tolle Project bei {nifty thrifty sunday} verlinkt hast!
    Ich hoffe ich sehe Dich morgen wieder! :)

  10. That is so cool! I love it. Thanks for linking to the party.

  11. Hi,

    short question: How did you manage to get the wood between the base of the lamp (this metal thingy) and the socket of the lamp? As far as I know they are hard wired and only the shaft has to be mounted on the base. Or dir you cut the cable and use a new switch?


  12. Yes, I did cut the cable but I didn``t use a new switch, I simply added the (don`t know how to call that,) bulb holder back to the stump and glued them on it, That`s it no big deal;)

  13. Love this idea! Just discovered your blog and just might have a crush on it...


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