DIY vs. Anthropologie!!! Little birdies sing...

Hello Lovelies, look what I found at Anthropologie
a Bird Bath Bowl, you can see below.
Isn`t it cute?! But a really expensive one, 

for 332 bucks!

Would you buy such a thing 
or would you save the money and made one yourself?
So I made it myself!;)


Schaut mal her, 
diese Schale habe ich bei Anthropologie entdeckt! 
Ist sie nicht toll?!
Die haben da sehr viele schöne Sachen!
Aber diese Keramik hat mich echt umgehauen, erst die Schönheit,
dann der Preis!:)

332,- €

Jetzt mal ehrlich würdet Ihr euch das gönnen?
Für eine Schale?

I found an old bowl with a really nice structured border
and two cute ceramic birdies.
Than spray painted them white.
Added a little gold paint to their beaks.
Hot glued them on the bowl and gave this whole thing 
a nice coat of clear spray paint.


Ich persönlich finde, man kann das Geld besser investieren.
Deswegen bin ich durch meine Wohnung gestreift und habe mir gedacht, 
du willst sowas haben, mach es doch selbst!
Gesagt, getan!!!;)

Und das habe ich dafür gebraucht:

Alte Pflanzschale, 

Kleine Keramikvögelchen, 

Sprühlacke in weiß und transparent, beide hochglänzend.

Goldlack/ Plakatfarbe.

(und nicht im Bild; Pinsel und eine Heißklebepistole)

So die Arbeitsschritte waren wie folgt;
Alles schön säuberlich mit weißer Farbe besprühen, 

bis es gefällt,

dann Schnäbel anmalen, mit Gold oder egal welcher Farbe auch immer.
Ich habe mich hier an dem Original orientiert;)

And that`s it!
Now you have to step back and admire your work;))
Isn`s this bowl the prettiest thing you`ve ever seen?!;)
Maybe I should ad one or two extra birdies but at the moment I like it as it is.


Dann das ganze noch mit der Heißklebepistole in der gewünschten Position fixieren
und alles noch mal mit einet Schicht Klarlack überdecken!
 Und zu gutes letzt, zurücktreten und das Werk bewundern;)

Also ich finde es ist mir gut gelungen, vielleicht noch 
ein oder zwei weitere Vögelchen hinzufügen aber ansonsten ist sie toll!!!;)

Love the structure.
Now you can use your bowl as a jewelry or key "tray" or
as the "Anthropologie" soap bowl;)
So many possibilities;) 
The best on this DIY project was, it costs me nothing!
Found everything here in my home...

332,-  bucks vs. 0,-

Great deal, isn`t it?!;)


Man kann sie als Schmuckschale benutzten oder für Schlüssel, Seife, 
die Möglichkeiten sind unzählig;)

Und das BESTE daran ist, dieses Stück hat mich nichts gekostet, 
denn die Sachen lagen hier zu Hause rum, alles war schon vorhanden;)

I hope you like it;)

Pudel - design


  1. You're genius - this is so clever! I just did my first spray paint project this week & am now addicted! :)

    Stopping by from Simply Designing - great job!
    henry happened

  2. YAY;)
    Me too!
    Everyone who know`s me, know that spray paint, actually every kind of paint is my BFF!;)

  3. i am so glad you stopped by so i could come visit! i love your sensibilities! your art is gorgeous and this bowl is genius! i'll be back to catch up on the lovely blog!


  4. AMazing! I like it even better than the Anthro version. Your blog is great - I'm a new follower. Stop by for a visit sometime.

  5. What an adorable idea. Well done!

  6. I WAY love your bowl over that anthro one! You rock! I may just have to do one myself! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I agree that your bowl definitely looks better than the anthro one! What a wonderful job!

  8. My cute little nieces and I are here looking through projects and think you did SUCH a great job! We honestly think your bowl is better looking and actually affordable!! Great job!

    I am visiting from My Repurposed Life. If you get a chance check out my post!


  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a follower.

  11. Your bowl looks SOOO much better than the original!!!

  12. Love it....very creative to come up with this knock off...perfect!!!

  13. Wow, what a great transformation! I like yours better, especially the price. Such a great idea and so creative.

  14. I love this!!!! What a sweet bowl and I adore all things birds! Would love to share this on my blog with a link back to you if that is ok.

    bee blessed

  15. I absolutely love it--better than the one at Anthropologie!

  16. Wow! That is something I would never have thought to attempt. It turned out beautifully. Wunderbar! (pretty much all I remember from German class)

  17. Very nice! I think yours turned out even cuter :D

  18. That looks better than the original!
    xo Cathy

  19. I like yours much better than Anthro's. Awesome job!

  20. Love it! Much nicer than the Anthro design!

  21. I saw this post the other day and thought what a good idea. It's wonderful. What a surprise when I got a comment from you. Love that about blog land.

  22. THis is absolutely stunning! I think it looks even better than the Anthropologie version.

  23. Oh my gosh girl I LOVE this!!!!! Way to think on the spot! Love Anthro- but I love free even more:):)

  24. Love it! oh my gosh! I bought something similar at a garden store. so pretty!
    "catching" you this week


  25. Love's just so darling....thank you for sharing....blessings, julie

  26. Ganz toll gemacht! Ich mag deins besser als Anthro!

  27. LOVE this and love it WAY more than the Anthropologie one!!!

  28. I knew this looked familiar, I saw your project on green door designs blog. Small world Jennifer serves on Junior League with me! This looks great, better than Anthro!

  29. I love it and the price is right!! I am a new follower of your blog. I noticed you are from the Rhine-Westphalia area.. We will have an exchange student from Steinhagen this fall. Her mother lived with us as an exchange student 22 years ago. We are very excited!

    Your blog is very lovely. I Can't wait to see all your new ideas and inspirations, Wanda

  30. That is adorable! I love that you made a version instead of paying for and Anthro piece. Seriously, this is great. I would love for you to share it on our Facebook page:

  31. Wow! This turned out incredible. I love your version way more than the Anthro one. Thanks for linking to Home Decor and Organizing Link Party. I'll be featuring this tomorrow.

  32. I like yours better. it is so cute.

  33. This is so cute!! What a great idea!

  34. Ich feature Deine tolle Idee beim nächsten {nifty thrifty sunday}! :) Echt klasse! Danke für's linken! Ich hoffe ich sehe Dich morgen wieder! :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}!

    PS: Meinst Du man erkennt, dass ich im Blogland kaum auf Deutsch schreibe? Haha

  35. @ nifty thrifty things

    Ach was;)
    Überhaupt nicht! Rechtschreibung wird völlig überbewertet;)

  36. This is so beautiful!! I am going to have to look out for birds and bowls on my next trip to the thrift store. (I found you through Nifty Thrifty Things...)

  37. This is beautiful. Diana from

  38. What a beautiful bowl! It is much, much nicer than the Anthropology bowl!

  39. I LOVE this! Great idea and I love that you happen to have everything on hand:) Ganz toll;)

  40. I like yours even more than Anthro's! Gorgeous!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  41. As most everyone agrees, your knock-off looks so much nicer than the original. As did your knock-off of the Buddha heads. Your creativity definitely has paid off! Keep up the great knock-offs and all of your other work in your lovely home. I am new to your blog; it is a fantastic read. I am now a new follower.


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