Die neue Ausgabe (August/September),
des Online Magazins Lonny, ist da!

Wie immer, nehmt euch Zeit zum lesen!;)

Pudel - design


  1. Ja!!! und ich habe es schon ganz gelesen!!!!

    Achados de Decoração

  2. Hi Lydia,
    Did you have time to read your Lonny yet?
    I loved the Elegant Upgrade feature, but thought the photography stood out in this issue.
    Have you had time to view all the chatter on line about this issue, I am curious to know what the greman audience thinks? There's a lot of pros on this issue, but more cons than ever before out there... ?

    Northern Light

  3. oh.... and THANK YOU for adding me to your blog roll, I am hounered!! :)

    Northern Light


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