Welcome to the Barn!

This site will show you the building process I`m working on for my clients!
Many photos!
Just enjoy;)
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

27th of May, that`s how it looks right now!

13th of June, that`s how it looks right now!
Nice, sanded, painted and sealed floors;)

This little oven/stove is going in there as well;)

Here are the build in cabinets in the making.

Oh boy, this took a while,
we were finished at 2012, but already I made it to upload the pics from the whole finished cute little barn.
Wanna see how it turned out inside?
let`s come on in...

Bye! Bye!;)


  1. Pudel!! wow!! It´s soooooooooo beautiful, OMG!!! that blue is wonderful! congrats!!


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