One painting a day...

Hello my Luvs, 
maybe I mentioned this here before, somewhere...
 I am in the process of becoming a certified Yoga Teacher.
So during the last 2 years I was studying like crazy, giving classes and passing exams.
The last exam is this February.
This is why I hadn`t that much time for blogging or anything else.

I tried to commit to a painting every day, but the time for this was none existing.
Now that everything is coming to an end with my studies, 
I managed to do this and thought about a theme for my commitment.
So starting from the 1st of January
 I will post everyday what I painted for the whole 31 days of January...
How does this sound?
Yeah I know intimidating! 😂

What I thought about?
I will do small paintings, everything I can manage to paint in a a small amount of time.
And I have a huge collection of frames that were never used 
and probably never will be.
And mostly round and oval small canvases. 
So I will use them too.

How will I call this commitment?

Something like "January in frames" 
or "Janframed" 
or "Framed January"? 😶
Not sure yet...

Here are my Frames, all ready and set...

(Excuse the mess...)

 I do work mostly in acrylic, 
so this challenge will be done in acrylics and on canvas.
Mostly. Does not matter which medium, I do this to stay on track and be consistant and improve my skills in acrylic painting. 
I will put all of them paintings up on my Etsy shop in the end of January.

If you like to follow along, please hop over to my other Instagram page

There I will post daily paintings.

Today is the second day, so you get two of the paintings I did!
Kind of helped to stick through was, 
that these two were actual work I did for clients.
You can see them far back on my painting table...

The first one is a bigger piece, round canvas, 20 cm in diameter
I called her "Luna Cat"

And the second one is a dog portrait I did for a dormer co worker as a gift.
This is her dog of course.
10 cm in diameter.

Like I said earlier,
if you like to follow along, please hop over to my other Instagram page
there you sill get the progress shots and the finished pieces too.

Of course I established some rules too... 😜

1. Mostly use small frames, does not matter shich shape.
2. If not using frames, use small round or oval shaped canvases.
3. Use acrylic paints.
4. Incorporate some kind of metallic paints too.
5. Have fun!

If you like to do this challenge with me, please do so.
Follow along, and if you do, please link to my page.
Tagg me, that I don`t feel that lonely! 😊 🙏

So please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can accomplish this task! 
Have a nice one my Luvs!