Happy New Year!!!

Hello my Luvs, It`s been a minute...
And we have 2018!

So I personally don`t care about dates or numbers or calendars or seasons...
I take one day at a time and am grateful to be alive and well.
I think this all changed as I became so sick back in 2012.

Batteling and getting gradually better each day, 
that I stopped caring about this stuff at all.

I don`t do new Year`s resolutions, 
I don`t do fireworks and I don`t do parties, 
kind of boring huh?
But for me it is nothing special and to see all the people going crazy about new year`s and blowing all the money out, that could help one other in a horrible situation make me kind of sick.

Let alone the 137 millions that the people blew up on fireworks in my country is horrible! 
This money could do so much good!
And the poor animals that are terrified on a new Year`s Eve!
I do care about that...

But if you are having New Year`s resolutions and stick to them, good for you!
If you love glitzy parties and fireworks, works fine with me.
Everyone had to do what is right for them!
When you are really in to it, than 

I am wishing you a

May all the good in the world come to you and your loved ones!