Day 24 - 28 of #janframed!! :)

Hello my Luvs!
Today I simply show you the paintings 
I did the last couple of day`s without the stages in between.
Maybe these things are not interesting after all...
But here they come! ;)

Day 24 was this little Raccoon...

I know this looks like he is living in a coffee been, but this is not true at all! :)
This is a tree he is peking out of.

Day 25 was this one photo I took a while back in Moscow.
The beautiful church towers. Love the shapes and had to paint it.

A bit to colorful, but I still liked it...

On day 26 I thought I stalked another Instagram Friend;)

And picked an Image I liked from her page and painted it..

The gorgeous and kind @fangsmithaustralia liked my interpretation a lot.
So if you like, just jump over to her page and see for yourself, when you compare mine to the original! :)

On day 27 I did it again. This time I painted the photo of Anastasia, @anastasia.rath , a gorgeous woman, also an artist with an YouTube channel, who does beautiful stuff! ;)

I do change them up a little... 
Please hop over to her Instagram and show some Love! :)

And today, on day 28th I did it one more time and painted this one here.
A girl holding a Christmas Tree in a beautiful dress...
I found this on the page of @julia_kirilova 
I simply put it in this wooden frame. and love the outcome.

Please let me know what you think about these, go follow them beautiful ladies, 
and till the next post! :)



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