Day 11 and 12 of #janframed!

Hello my Luvs, I made it to day 12!
Yay, really proud of myself. 😊

I always work on big commissions and never ever do small works. 
So this challenge is really huge for me.
Day 1 was a simple little pink moon. 
No real skills required.
And today, this one. Made so much fun to work on it.

I really like how it came out.
I saw something similar in Instagram, so the idea is not mine at all.
I think this kind of style was done a million times.
But here is mine interpretation. 
And all the stages of it.

So this was the deer and here is the moon for yesterday. :)

Like I said, nothing special, just a simple, little moon! ;)

And the best thing is this one.
I got a new pillow for my studio!
And I love it so much.
You may think how can I be so excited about a new pillow.
Oh wait for it! :)

Do you see it now?
It is a Frida Kahlo, hipster pillow. 
How could I not be excited? ;)

And this is how it looks with all of my other stuff!
So what do you think of all my new additions?