Renovating Your Living Room for Summer 2017

Renovating Your Living Room for Summer 2017

Kaitlin Krull

Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to pack away the fleece blankets and wintry accessories and embrace the changing seasons with a few renovation projects. Our friends and window replacement experts at Modernize, love finding ways to make homes feel seasonal and on trend throughout the year.
If you’re considering making a change in your home to welcome the warm weather, your living room is the perfect place to start. Here are a few of their top tips and pointers to help you renovate your living room for summer 2017.

Go green
As the weather takes a turn for the better, everything seems to turn green. Mimic this burst of new life in your home by adding a touch of green in your living room. If you’re feeling brave, you can consider painting your living room walls with a bright green hue like Greenery (Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017). If subtle is more your style, add textiles, home decor accents, and even living plants or seasonal bouquets and cuttings in a variety of green tones to turn your living room into an homage to the season. Complete your living room color transformation with other on-trend colors such as chalky whites, navy blues, and other neutrals for walls, furniture, and accessories.

Mix and match patterns and textures
Mismatched patterns and textured fabrics are on trend for 2017. We recommend bold pattern choices for the textiles in your living room: think tribal, tropical, geometric, and shibori, to name a few. A variety of colors and patterns will give your living room character, depth, and interest. Similarly, consider textiles with unique and varied textures to further increase this effect. Remember that interesting patterns don’t have to be limited to your furniture and accessories. The Pinterest-loving designers are predicting that faux-marble(often done with wallpaper patterns) will grace the walls of trendy homes throughout America this year.

Update your flooring
For most homeowners, the living room functions as both a relaxing space and a social hub. Give your home a floor that can withstand regular traffic while still looking amazing. If your budget and time scale is flexible, consider installing new wood floors or renovating existing floorboards for a timeless, classic look. Other flooring options include wood tile substitutes, which look just as great at a fraction of the cost of hardwood floors, and eco-friendly flooring options such as cork, bamboo, and local reclaimed timber. Finally, don’t forget to add a few large area rugs in a variety of textures, patterns, and color schemes to add warmth and bring your living room together. 

Find one of a kind accessories
No living room renovation project is complete without decorative accessories. As the Scandinavian minimalist trends of recent years dictate, less is more. However, if you want to keep your living room up to date with the latest home decor trends, we recommend choosing a few handcrafted pieces to complete your room transformation. Whether sourced from local artisans or collected from trips across the world, embrace the handmade movement by choosing decorative accessories such as vases, jars, candle holders, bowls, and other knickknacks that have been made with a handcrafted touch.


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