What`s up in my studio?!

I am preparing some more paintings for my exhibition in june and selecting some old ones for a mini exhibition in may. And my portrait of Dorothy is evolving as well.
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So without further ado here is the progress on Dorothy. Finished her hair and now I am on her hair piece and after that I`ll work a bit more on her face, not happy with some parts...

Dorothy wanted a lot of flowers and I will deliver. :)
She got some comic like flowers in the back and life like ones on her shirt and some delicate in her hair.

This is how it looks so far...
Your thoughts on this?

And here are the pieces for the exhibition in june.
The modern art.

I love to paint all those little tiny details and such, but these are fun too. Because you can`t control everything. And I think this is the fun in those, simply let the paint flow
and wait how it does the magic! :)

And the best thing is I can paint those in my garage,
and the floor will look also pretty when I am done. :)

It is like my extended studio space. :)

And I myself look like a piece of art too. :)



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