5 Fashion Rules, that everyone can use for the own home!

Hello Lovelies, what have I learned over the years being a DIY Blogger?
Oh so much! ;)
And I do apply rules and things I use in everyday life to my home in decor and interior design.
It is nothing revolutionary but for some of you maybe helpful though :)

So here some of my thoughts on these things...

1. Invest In Classic Pieces

Like in a good wardrobe, it is nice to have a black or a white classic shirt, a great pair of jeans and some pretty nice black shoes.. You want to invest in pieces, you can have for a while, some pretty and nice stuff. Because trends come and go you want to put your money into quality pieces for your home as well.
Maybe a nice solid dining table, an awesome light fixture or even a vintage rug.
Invest in pieces you will love for years to come.

2. Don`t Get The Whole Catalog Home

Don`t get me wrong, if you like the look of a styled living room you fond at IKEA, go for it, be my guest, get the same look for your home. That is nice and totally up to you, but maybe you will get bored with it soon and want something different.  Really who want live in a showroom for ong? 
Like you would never wear the clothes of a single collection, you can mix your home style as well. Mix those beloved IKEA pieces with those high end designer pieces,  
(If you have the money for that... read Point one again, saving is the goal here).
Mix different brands, or those flea market finds or even some inherited pieces. And you will get your unique style!

3. Dress For The Seasons

Just like you won`t wear some winter Boots to a summer cocktail party or a flower summer dress to a Christmas party in middle of winter, with nothing else on. Your home textiles and color scheme can reflect the weather outside.
For example, you could get some comfy warm sheets for your bedroom, a nice woven throw blanket and comforter and you are ready for some cozy winter days.
For the warmer seasons choose light and airy fabrics and light and bright colors for the summer feeling...

4. Simplicity Is Key

Just like putting your outfit together, it is sometimes necessary to look through your spaces, like you would look in the mirror and put one thing away. This will help and communicate a nice and clean look.Don`t overdo it. Your style should reflect our personality but in a uncluttered way..Think about adding some visual breaks to your space, For example group things together, Think about heights and colors.

5. Be Yourself, Forget The Rules

Rules are there to be broken, right? And maybe you are that hippie ,who loves woven rugs or the person who loves some nick nacks you have sentimental feelings to.. Go for it! Love those pieces that are unusual, those pieces that not everybody has on their Instagram feed or Pinterest board. Don`t let trends dictate how to style your space. It is your home and only you can make it into one!

Please let your home reflect your personalty, like you would do with your clothes!
And enjoy living :)



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