What`s up in my studio?!

Hello Lovelies, here are some updates
 to the progress of my latest paintings:)
A cute little owl I finished some time ago.

(Night Owl - 40x40cm - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas)

Here is an old one I repainted, first the old one from 2010 I believe...
It was called "The coronation of Amber"

And as I further evolve in my painting skills and interest I thought I`ll give amber a new crown and
some new eyes and stuff, but see for yourself. ;)

She clearly has evolved too... ;)
Not finished yet, still in the process 
but I am so much more happier with this piece how it looks right now! :)

My russian and kazakh influenced roots and now the indian path I am on have heavily played into this one.

Here are some quick marker pieces I did for some yogi friends.
And the loved them. And I am happy as well.

And this one, I am working currently on is for a client. 
he saw an amazing painting of a chinese artist and wanted me to copy it entirely.
First I don`t do that and second, if I wanted to, I`d never be able because he is such an amazing painter.
I think I need some more hundred years of practice to be nearly as good a s he is!
So I said I`ll copy the pose and the rest of the painting will all be mine take on it.

Here we go, if you see the pose you maybe recognize the artist...

So here she is!
"Shakti" the wild, divine and creating force in every woman.
Pretty happy so far with it.
She will get a massive load on jewelry, a huge headpiece, some nose rings and earrings.
Pretty neat tattoos on her body, nice clothes and some more flowers on the bottom part of the painting and little bees and birds, swirling around her...
Hope it will turn out the way I am imagining her.

So what do you think?

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