A messy home, once again:)

So everyone is in the Holiday spirit, but me. I am renovating my home!
Hello Lovelies, it`s been a while... ;)
If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram than you have seen my renovation quite a bit.
Here is the full story for you.
And messy me;)

I am redoing my floors through out my flat.
I live in this house since I am 16. With my hubby for almost 13+ years and we haven`t done major renovations.
We redid the kitchen and build a pretty awesome living room.
But the other rooms like the bedroom, office, dressing room and the bath suffered some kind of neglect... But this is over now! ;)
We had some water damage in the office and bedroom. Which was not that severe but we were fed up with the old ugly laminated floors we had around here. They were in pretty bad conditions through out the flat.
We wanted some matching flooring through out the space.
And it would be lovely if it could match the tiles in the entry and kitchen.
So I went on searching.

Something like this...

Found the perfect color, 
Not the perfect match for the tiles though but I am in love with the dark wood! ;)

And the worst part in all of this is the mess I am creating through out the flat!
I would love to move out during the whole process but this is not in for us :/
So we have to live with the dirt and such through out.

Looks something like this...

Oh have you spotted the new vanity basin?
Yes we are revamping the bathroom too.
But nothing major. The tiles are still in pretty good shape. So they are staying.

Alright, back to the topic.
So here is my dressing room.
The floor is the same in those three rooms.

And by the way, renovating is a good opportunity to ged rid of unwanted stuff.
I cleared out the rest I did not want anymore or what does not fit in to my life.
And the ripping out part. The ugly mess...

What I did here was, dismantle the closets, rip out the floor, paint the walls, put in the new floors and baseboards and put the closets back in the room.
And here is a quick sneak peak for you my Luvs! ;)

So what do you think my Luvs?
I am absolutely in love with these floors!
Stay tuned for more reveals and such! ;)

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