Succulent Topiary, sort of... ;)

Hello Lovelies, 
here we go another Topiary for ya`ll! :)

I did a bunch of topiary`s and fake flowers stuff on this blog a lot.
And since I like them so much I will show you one more, this time with succulents.
I have many many real plant, like orchids and succulents as you may know.
But I have places in my home, where even the toughest succulent would not survive.
And this is for example my bathroom and my bedroom corners, 
because there is not much natural light,
So, I made these, for those corners.

Here is what you need:
clear containers
fake succulents or kakti
little rocks
aquarium gravel and sand
some moss

And simply throw everything in there to your liking...
So easy and fun right? ;)

Like so...

... some rocks here, some gravel there and sand as a first layer...

When you are satisfied with your base, start placing your plants.
Like you can see I finish up with the big bowl right here and in the left one in the corner I placed sand and plants and in the right above just gravel, rocks and some moss.
And mixed everything together in the big one.
I had these pretty heart shaped stones for ages and they live there as well now.

And a close up for you ;)

And here they are agin grouped together on my coffee table ;)

And dining table.

Here is the little set up in my bedroom on the table at my reading nook.

Like em? Just give theme a try ;)

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