Changes in my studio...

Hello Lovelies, 
it seems like an never ending story, with my studio...
Now I got proper storage for all my bits and bobs 
and for my canvases and finished paintings.

So here is what my storage unit looked like before.

I had this ikea unit for ages and it worked very well, 
but I wanted a more cleaner look, not all of my stuff showing.
So, due to my cleaning out upstairs, mainly in my closet space. 
I got one of my wardrobes downstairs.
Problem was that it was too tall, so I needed to cut it some centimeter`s.

And all of my stuff went from this corner on my table again!
Oh my... what a mess XD

And from the table, back again in it`s new home...

As you can see I really did go crazy with my dymo ;)
All of my stuff is now in there, 
from sanding paper to my alex unit and even my sewing machine.

But the biggest problem was not solved yet.
My paintings were still on the floor and this sucked. But I had the Ikea unit, so what to do?
Just cut this sucker and build a shelf for them? 
Yep, did that right away.

And here is the before and after once again for ya`ll! ;)

Tell me hat you think.
I think it is now much more easy on the eyes, no clutter accept of the paintings.
Everything is tidy and neat. And this was my goal. ;)
And this journey will continue...

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