My hallway/ 2nd entry revamp... after 5 years! ;)

Hello Lovelies, 
so, here we go I finally finished my hall...
I finished it some time ago, but as always pretty dark here, 
wanted to have some nice natural light to shoot.
And this is what I came up with.

I did the full program here ;)
Painted stairwell, walls, ceiling.
Painted a mural on the wall like you can see.
Added a new lamp, trim and a little shelf.
Put some decorations up and it was done!

Wanna see the before?
This was in 2010

and january 2011.

Kind of liked the butterflies but not the wall color or lamp and so many other things.

And I started the mural like this, with a stencil, wasn`t happy at all with it, so used it a bit, than went free hand... and liked it much more...

So on to the after photos, shall we?

Up the stairs we go...
We have two entries, the main one through our living room and the second one
belongs to my landlords but I use it frequently because my studio is in their basement as well and they love our cats so they can stay with them when we are out to work.
The kitties are kind of their grand children ;)
I did so much renovating with them in this house, that it fells like it`s mine but there are limits though, why I can`t rip out the stairs or cover them or something like that.

But obviously paint walls and change the light and add trim..:)

The rose pattern looks a bit busy with the granite stairs, here on the photos, but not at at all in reality.

This is the entry to my small hall and the white door leads to my bathroom.
So since we are up, now we can turn around and go downstairs, shall we? ;)

The light is from Ikea, it is made from paper and you can shape it like you want it to be, so cool.
It was a challenge to add the trim to this freaking crocked ceiling.
Oh my...

Added shelf with some art and succulent, of course.
And do you recognize the mirror?
Right still the same, but painted it gold to match the roses.

And here you can see the downstairs...

Did nothing major here, only paint that I already had.

Light grey wall paint, white ceiling paint, dark grey wall paint and gold paint all bought a while ago.
Maybe two or three years.

Black paint for stairwell 6€
Ikea pendant light 7,99€ 
( I have the same one, but slightly bigger for 14,99€ in my bedroom)
Ikea shelf 6,99€
Trim 5,99€

Total costs for this project; 
round about 50€, considering the paint from two years ago.

Time consumed;
4 days

Lat me know what you think ;)

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