IKEA hack of some JOXTORP pendant lights and some pretty SÄTTRA jewels... ;)

Hello Lovelies,
I needed to swap out my old living room lights.
I had these lampion chandeliers for ages now and they don`t look pretty anymore.

They are dirty and ripped, I don`t really know how this did happen...
So it`s time for a change.

I found these JOXTORP lights for a steal.
just for 2,99 and 3,99.
And they are made from cardboard! 
This is the best part for me. ;)

I do like the geometrical shape a lot, the color, hmm, nope, not that much.
And these jewels here, are so pretty too.

For only 4,99.
And this is what you do with them...

Pretty right?
So as I said before, liked the shape of the shades but not the color.

The simplest thing to transform something, is to do what?
Right! Spray paint!

And that is what I did.
I used gold. Inside and out.
 And I love it.

So the only thing now is to construct the pieces the right way 

and you are ready to hang these suckers ;)
 Add the jewels to the cords before the shades and you are ready to go.

Pretty right?

I love them ;)
I think it really adds something to the room!:)

Here are the old and new lights compared to each other, I spare you the scrolling up :)

A really inexpensive way to give your living space some modern feel with geometrical shapes...

Costs for both shades;
shades: 7,98
jewels: 4,99
gold spray paint: 8,99
Total: 21,96!!!

Would you tackle this DIY yourself?
Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below ;)

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  1. I love this idea... Pinning and sharing on the blog today!

  2. Antworten
    1. HI, just plain simple gold spray from the hardware store.
      Nothing special. I don`t even know the brand anymore... I use a ton of different paints though. And on cardboard every spray paint will do. :)
      Have a nice day!


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