DIY Juju Hat`s made from crepe paper!

Hello Lovelies, I thought of making a tutorial for you on this DIY
but thank God Pinterest has it all! ;)

If you like just hop on there and find what you are searching for or simply go to the 
Because if you type in "paper juju hat" her blog pops out anyways, so save you some time and go there in the first place...
She did it and it came out perfectly! ;)

But I simply assume, 
when you are reading some DIY blogs that you are capable of using
some scissors and a glue gun, you can handle some craft paper.
And you also can make some pretty DIY`s!

On mine I used some crepe paper 
in silver and white and some brown packaging paper in light brown.

These were my inspirations right here, so beautiful...

These colors were by far my favorites.

By far the best decorating ideas... and again, love these neutral colors.

So pretty, right?

So what`s the fuzz, would you think.
"Why don`t go and buy you some? Oh, all right, the price right?! ;)
Because they are so expensive right? 
And you like to knock off things, okay we get it..."

Nope, not quite
Have you ever thought about how they are made? And out of what?
And that is the point...
All that matters to me is why rip off an innocent living, 
breathing creature of their precious life,
when you can create something similar and recycle at the same time?
No need for dead animal parts in my home!
And I never came across some fake feather juju hats, maybe poor research..
Or did you? If yes, please let me know.
So cruelty free decor, that was the important part for me once again.

The one or another may think different, but hey, that`s your opinion...

I think it is really important to educate yourself 
where your decor comes from and is made out of what. 
It is very important to wards you spend your money to and which industry you are supporting!

So, enough preaching for today... 
Here are some more photos from my DIY!

I might do two smaller ones in black...

Here is what they look like in the side view, not that volumpsious but it`ll do the trick though ;)

So what do you think?
Are you with me on that cruelty free, money saving road or what?

Love to read your comments! ;)

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  1. Very neat and super attractive on your wall. Visiting from The 36th Avenue party.


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